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Counterfactual estimation on nonstationary data, be careful!!!

By Gabriel Vasconcelos In a recent paper, which can be downloaded here, Carvalho, Masini and Medeiros show that estimating counterfactuals in a non-stationary framework (when I say non-stationary it means integrated) is a tricky task. It is intuitive that the … Continue reading

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ArCo Package v 0.2 is on

The ArCo package 0.2 is now available on CRAN. The functions are now more user friendly. The new features are: Default function for estimation if the user does not inform the functions fn and p.fn. The default model is Ordinary … Continue reading

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Dealing with S3 methods in R with a simple example

By Gabriel Vasconcelos S3 objects R has three object systems: S3, S4 and RC. S3 is by far the easiest to work with and it can make you codes much understandable and organized, especially if you are working on a … Continue reading

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