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Pricing Optimization: How to find the price that maximizes your profit

By Yuri Fonseca Basic idea In this post we will discuss briefly about pricing optimization. The main idea behind this problem is the following question: As manager of a company/store, how much should I charge in order to maximize my … Continue reading

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Treating your data: The old school vs tidyverse modern tools

By Gabriel Vasconcelos When I first started using R there was no such thing as the tidyverse. Although some of the tidyverse packages were available independently, I learned to treat my data mostly using brute force combining pieces of information … Continue reading

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The package hdm for double selection inference with a simple example

By Gabriel Vasconcelos In a late post I discussed the Double Selection (DS), a procedure for inference after selecting controls. I showed an example of the consequences of ignoring the variable selection step discussed in an article by Belloni, Chernozhukov … Continue reading

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