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BooST series II: Pricing Optimization

By Gabriel Vasconcelos & Yuri Fonseca Introduction This post is the second of a series of examples of the BooST (Boosting Smooth Trees) model. You can see an introduction to the model here and the first example here. Our objective … Continue reading

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Different demand functions and optimal price estimation in R

By Yuri Fonseca Demand models In the previous post about pricing optimization (link here), we discussed a little about linear demand and how to estimate optimal prices in that case. In this post we are going to compare three different … Continue reading

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Pricing Optimization: How to find the price that maximizes your profit

By Yuri Fonseca Basic idea In this post we will discuss briefly about pricing optimization. The main idea behind this problem is the following question: As manager of a company/store, how much should I charge in order to maximize my … Continue reading

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