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Structural Analisys of Bayesian VARs with an example using the Brazilian Development Bank

By Gabriel Vasconcelos Introduction Vector Autorregresive (VAR) models are very popular in economics because they can model a system of economic variables and relations. Bayesian VARs are receiving a lot of attention due to their ability to deal with larger … Continue reading

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Direct forecast X Recursive forecast

By Gabriel Vasconcelos When dealing with forecasting models there is an issue that generates a lot of confusion, which is the difference between direct and recursive forecasts. I believe most people are more used to recursive forecasts because they are … Continue reading

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Realy, Realy Big VARs

By Gabriel Vasconcelos Overview If you have studied Vector Autorregressive (VAR) models you are probably familiar with the “curse of dimensionality” (CD). It is very frustrating to see how ordinary least squares (OLS) fails to produce reliable results even for … Continue reading

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